Working Groups

Why join a working group?

As a DSA member, getting involved in local chapter working groups is the best way to make an immediate impact in our community, build lasting relationships with like-minded comrades, and contribute to the broader movement for a democratically run society and economy that serves human needs instead of profits for an elite few. Most of our actual work gets done through our permanent and ad-hoc working groups.

Our working groups directly tackle the issues here on the ground in the Lowcountry utilizing a variety of tactics, including but not limited to: organizing demonstrations, hosting community meetings, advocating public policy positions to decision-makers, media engagement, petition drives, tabling at events, and door-to-door canvassing.

Working group meetings are always open to any Charleston DSA members, and may include non-members by invitation. We strongly encourage all of our members to get involved in one or more working groups!

Mutual Aid

Charleston DSA places a heavy emphasis on the importance of organizing mutual aid initiatives to serve the immediate needs of our community, while also building our organizing capacity, strengthening ties to local workers and allied organizations, and making strides towards establishing a robust alternative shared economy that circumvents the prevailing profits-over-people capitalist framework for the production and distribution of essential goods and services.

Bottled water and non-perishable food for victims of Hurricane Florence in 2018

This is what solidarity is all about – recognizing that an injury to one is an injury to all, and so it is in our mutual interest to help make sure everyone’s needs are met.

Our members have stepped up to lend a hand time and again, especially following natural disasters like hurricanes, and we are always in need of assistance and information on community needs.

We encourage our members to reach out to chapter officers or members who are leading existing mutual aid projects with any ideas or questions about ways to help those with unmet needs in our community. Non-members should contact us through Facebook or at


Charleston DSA’s Podcast Working Group produces Renegade Paradise, our chapter’s official podcast.

Renegade Paradise is a news, commentary and educational forum based on socialist analysis from activists here on the ground in the Lowcountry. New episodes are uploaded regularly and can be found on all the major podcast platforms.

The podcast team is in constant need of members and allies to interview or add to topical discussion panels. Members are also welcome to contribute to research and writing efforts, or help with engineering, promotion and more.

Got an idea for an episode you want to host? Let’s make it happen! Our podcast is one of the best outlets for getting our vision out into the world, and there are many ways to get involved either occasionally or regularly, and help us take it to the next level.

Political Education

Charleston DSA hosts political education events on at least a quarterly basis, covering a wide range of topics relevant to our organizing efforts.

Meeting facilitator training

These events may be held in-person or virtually, and they are typically free and open to the public. Some of these events have included featured speakers, film screenings, breakout discussion groups, and group analysis of important texts.

We have zines!

Some of our past education topics have included Organizing 101, meeting facilitator training, Medicare for All, South Carolina labor history, the history of Medicare and the Civil Rights Movement, the legacy of the 1969 MUSC hospital workers’ strike, and lessons from the New Communist Movement of the 60s and 70s as shared by veteran activist and author Max Elbaum.

We are always in need of members who can contribute to these events in various ways, such as proposing topics, researching, presenting, hosting breakout groups, event planning, providing refreshments, doing audio/visual work, and helping with setup and breakdown. Please reach out if you can help!

Charleston DSA members in Columbia for statewide organizing training with national staff

Working towards a better future for all.