Eco-Socialism Working Group

Charleston DSA recognizes that climate change is an existential threat to the working people of the world, and it is essential that we halt the use of fossil fuels as soon as possible to mitigate the damage.

However, we also recognize that through bold initiatives like the Green New Deal, we have an opportunity to transform broad sectors of the economy to better serve everyone’s needs instead of profits for the wealthy.

Furthermore, unlike the big billionaire foundation-funded environmental organizations, we recognize that capitalism is ultimately incompatible with sustainable development and long-term human survival, so we shape our policy positions and strategies accordingly.

One of our recent projects you may have noticed around town is our initiative to build and install decoratively painted benches at bus stops where none were available. We hope that by making public transit easier to use, we can immediately improve the lives of working people while helping to establish the infrastructure and culture needed to move beyond fossil fuels.

We are always in need of all the assistance we can get in our efforts to address climate change and other local, regional and global environmental threats from a socialist perspective. Please reach out if you would like to get involved or have ideas for new projects!

Interested in getting involved? Email